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Hi, my name is Aaron. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies and traveling. I'm a Senior at Furman University, working towards my Bachelor's in Communication Studies, with a concentration in Spanish. When I'm not in school, I work as a landscaper for a cemetery. I also write short stories and poetry.

My most current life goal?
Be a better version of myself.

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The Millers’ daughter was often sought for

her passionate stare and russet-red hair.

A beautiful girl who could love the world,

with her heart as open as the ocean.

Oh, young Demeter, how sweet to see her:

A gilded goddess of acting prowess!

And beneath her smile, true beauty beguiles,

as weary words of hope are gently spurred.

The Spring-time muse who is often confused

for the setting sun or the rising moon.

Her voice as pure as softly chirping birds;

with eyes like sunrise, she breathes butterflies.