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Hi, my name is Aaron. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies and traveling. I'm a Senior at Furman University, working towards my Bachelor's in Communication Studies, with a concentration in Spanish. When I'm not in school, I work as a landscaper for a cemetery. I also write short stories and poetry.

My most current life goal?
Be a better version of myself.

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I’ve been having these weird dreams lately (am I awake?). The kind of absent minded thoughts which take you away from your warm bed, and parade around your mind like a curious circus of wild elephants (where am I?). Each night is a new episode in the never ending story of my subconscious. (This can’t be) a performance which is poorly written, badly acted, and over budget.

But, I suppose what really makes these dreams fantastic aren’t the surroundings, but the people within them. (Wait, I know these) people I’ve known and forgotten, who come and go from my life; flickering in and out like a windblown candle (and then they’re) gone. My most recent dreams have been especially euphoric. I’ve been seeing her again (It’s her. She’s here!). More and more with each passing night. She’s always different, and never the same, granting credibility to my rambling thoughts (She looks lovely, doesn’t she?).

Her hair, long and exaggerated, feverishly grasps for my attention like a drowning man. (How enchanting) those tangled locks, swiftly pulling me away from my reality into an ocean of transient thought. With open arms, she hugs me like I’m never coming home and kisses my check (I missed you, too). It’s soft, and warm to the touch. Taking my hand, wandering while wondering if and when this fantasy will collapse, we walk around making forgettable conversation. (Please don’t leave. Please! Just a little longer, I just…).

And then I wake up.

My consciousness floods back to me, replacing fleeting fantasies with bitter reality (Wa__!). My mind begins to ready itself for the coming day, as my wild thoughts slowly slip into a state of weary delirium (Ple___ D__’t!). Until I dream again, I shall remain awake, secretly wishing for night to come early so my thoughts may wander off into the dark recesses of my mind (g__db__, my l__e). In my youth, I’m often taken back to music and reminded of the cherished lines, "A coma might feel better than this". Knowing, in my dreams, I am happy and with you (_____).